Posting a poem written by one of my friends who chooses to remain anonymous. I’m trying to get her to post on this platform. Whoever reads this, please post your honest feedback. I think she got potential that should not go unappreciated. If you agree with me, please let us know.

The One

This kind of one was never meant for you
Never was it ever
The one you are running away from
The one not looking into your eyes
The one unexpected, the one unacceptable
The one which had never been this way
But it is. Now. Right here.
Among all the sleepless somber nights
Reasons for all the trifling fights
It had never been this way
There were reasons to leave and to fall
It decided to consider them all.
This was never the one you held for the first time
Never the one who made it all fine
Never the one who stayed away
Never the one who could not say
Never the one who chose the other way
And never wished to go further
This was never the right one
Maybe this is it
Maybe this is what has to be seen
Maybe in the nights so dark
You would cry and it won’t even know
Maybe it chose something else
Maybe never did it ever happen
But now, it happened!
Maybe it wants to get over
Unknowingly it already did
Maybe the one who wants to leave
Has unknowingly already left.

And alas, you’re still there!
Right there, Not moving a bit of yourself
Maybe not wanting to move
But wanting to run
Maybe you don’t have a way
And you need an escape
Maybe you’ll find one.
A perfect run!