Did you ever get a feeling that however normal your life seems, something sinister is always lurking around. Something, hidden in the shadows, is observing you and trying to get closer every second. That feeling came true for Adelaide when she revisited one of her childhood vacation place with her present family. Suddenly, the sweet family getaway becomes a fight for life for her family when they are attacked by some home invaders who share a close connection to them. They ARE them.

Jordan Peele has done it again. He has made another movie which will be remembered in the history of times as a movie which made everyone ponder over it longer then they should. With Get Out, he made a clever satire about the inherent dark side of the elite white families in US. I liked the way how subtly that point was put that many still don’t see it that way. In US, he has gone one step further. He has made a movie which can have multiple interpretation for anyone who’s watching. Any interpretation you go with, one thing that we are sure of is that it’s not just a home invasion movie.

US has layers like an onion. On the front it seems like a horror thriller featuring a family being terrorised by their doppelgangers. But when you dwell more, you’ll see how it presents different themes. Saying anything more than that will spoil the experience of those who are yet to watch it.

One great thing about US is that it is a perfect blend of horror and comedy without actually being a horror comedy. It’s very easy to bifurcate both moments in the film. You’ll be laughing at one moment and in the next you could be extremely terrified. This energy keeps you hooked to it. The performance of almost every one is beyond great. The centre stage is held by Lupita N’yongo and she does everything with finesse. She is almost unrecognisable in as one in both her personas. Other things that make the movie an amazing watch are it’s background score, the story and the climax.

Although, like Get Out, I found the big reveal tad bit predictable but it is clearly visible that the reveal is not just the one thing which is holding it all together. Everything about the movie contributes to the big picture and makes it a cinematic marvel.

Leave all the things and go watch US in theatres. It is one such film which has the power to strike long debates. What it more exciting that watching a movie which stays with you even after you’re done watching it?!