The story is about the hunt of a serial killer whose victims are influential people from diverse factions of the society. It all becomes a little more intricate than that when the lives of the forensic investigators searching for this “Devil” get intertwined with the case.

We are from the generation which adores movies like “Se7en”, “Zodiac” or shows like “Mindhunters”. A thriller where you have to catch the murderer before he makes someone else his target is really something which keeps us on the edge of our seats. Asur is certainly that but a bit more as well. It creates an exceptional cocktail of modern forensic science and mystic Indian mythology. So basically, it gives the audience a taste of future advancements as well as make them wistful by referencing the stories we heard from our parents/grandparents.


Every episode has the power to keep you hooked with a highpoint leaving you wanting more. It is undeniably something you can binge in one go. The star cast is well suited in their respective roles. Watching Arshad Warsi in a stern avatar was a delight. He played his part with finesse, so did Barun Sobti, who had to showcase a range of sentiments throughout the series.

The only thing that feels like a little drag is that all the ecstasy of watching a unique series could not hide the fact that how easily foreseeable the climax was. Also, there were quite some questions the season left us with which might be answered in the next season, possibly, but they feel more like loopholes that the Asur writers just overlooked and moved on fixating on how to make it more appealing.


I love how Indian creators are now producing inimitable series with the dawn of web hosting applications like Prime Video, Netflix and Voot. Some are winning our hearts, like, “Sacred Games” and “Made in Heaven” but rest all are getting lost in the plethora of content getting dumped on these platforms now and then. The premise of “Asur” promises to be different, which it absolutely is, but in turn, it compromises on some truly essential aspects of a good television thriller. I would definitely give it a go if I were you, hoping that season two solves all the ambiguity and answer all the questions we have.


Next stop, “Special Ops”!