Hey Everyone!

Saying that “It’s been some time since I last posted something” would be an understatement. I wanted to get back to my usual routine of writing regularly before the next year begins.

So, here it is! Sharing a “short” short with you under my favorite genre, Horror! Hope you like it!

You know about it. I know you do...

That feeling.

The feeling that someone is standing in the dark corner of your room at night while you’re asleep. Watching you constantly. It’s there all the time. Lurking in the shadows.

It’s waiting for you to shut your eyes so that it can make its move. It slowly moves towards you as your eyelids become heavy with fatigue. You can force yourself to stay awake but for how long? Sooner or later, you’re going to have to sleep and that’s when it comes out. You’ll never know what it wants. Why is it here or what will happen once you’re asleep?

It’s there too when you’re walking home late at night. Do you ever get that feeling that someone is following you? Of course, you do. It wants to be far enough to stay hidden but close enough for you to feel its presence. When you turn to see who’s there, you’re seeing right into its eyes. You stare into the blank for answers. It stares back.

It’s with you when you’re alone in an elevator. Standing right behind you, breathing down your neck. Watching you getting goosebumps. It’s there in the hallway when you’re turning the lights off at night. Watching you as you pace yourself towards the light of your bedroom, running away from an unknown threat, terrified for no reason.

Well, you don’t know that you should be terrified, for all your intuitions are true. I know its nature. It feeds off fear. It loves to just stand there and not do anything. Because it is having fun with you. You’re its little playthings. But it can strike anytime. Mostly, if it’s bored. I know it can do that and it will, eventually.

I know it…

I know it so well because it is me.


Lurking in the shadows….……….AND YOU’RE NOT SAFE