Kahaani 2 : Review

  How hard you try but you cannot stop yourself from comparing this one to the first one. It has the same setup, the story progresses the same way, there is a twist in the end. But just when the first one gave us a shock revealing the twist, this one failed to do so. … Continue reading Kahaani 2 : Review

MOANA – Review

  Disney never seems to fail in amazing me. Whenever you feel that this again would be similar to what we have seen before and there Disney is with yet another unique concept. Moana is a story of a young girl who sails through the sea to find a demigod Maui, who will help her … Continue reading MOANA – Review

Arrival – Review

This one, from start to end has a slow but engaging pace which may be boring for some but was essential for the theme of the movie if you ask me. I think the director made exactly what he had in mind. This is an example of next level cinema when you see the bigger … Continue reading Arrival – Review