Dealing with Grief

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS! A 100-word challenge organised by Rochelle every week. This week’s photo prompt is provided by Karuna. “Roger!”, Katie was screaming from the veranda. “She left her toys in the garden again! It was raining. Now they’re all ruined.” Roger was reading something. He calmly removed his glasses and came to the veranda. He … Continue reading Dealing with Grief


This is the photo of my cousin. As soon as she turned when I called her, I took this picture as it is very difficult to get a proper pose out of her. Then, I looked at the picture on my phone and it reminded me of this. Thank god, I did not miss that¬†evanescent … Continue reading Resemblance

Monopoly and Chill

DailyPost Photo Challenge:¬†Evanescent When I was in college, My friends and I used to play Monopoly almost every weekend. Many times, those games were the highlights of our boring weeks. I have almost forgotten about it till I saw this picture some times ago. This one was taken during our last game, just 2 years … Continue reading Monopoly and Chill

Don’t Open It!

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS! Friday Fictioneers is an amazing challenge, brought to us by Rochelle, where you have to write a complete story in no more than 100 words based on the photo prompt provided every week. This week’s prompt is provided by J Hardy Carroll. To know more about the challenge, click HERE. “We cannot take … Continue reading Don’t Open It!