Death Awaits On-board

Friday Fictioneers! Today’s photo prompt is provided by Ted Strutz. For more information on this challenge, check Rochelle’s profile right here. This could easily be my last recorded message before I die. I am in the line for the ferry. It’s raining heavily outside but I can still see those men standing on the deck, … Continue reading Death Awaits On-board


FFfAW Challenge-Week of June 20, 2017 120th Challenge This week’s photo prompt is provided by Footy and Foodie. Thank you for our photo prompt! He looked up and started. Look at the clouds. Doesn’t it look like someone was carrying a lot of erasers and dropped it? Or cushions? No! fluffy cotton balls! Yes, that’s right. … Continue reading Philosophy


DailyPost Photo Prompt Challenge: Transient I am posting these pictures from my last year’s Diwali celebrations. I love to click pictures of live firecrackers. They burn pretty fast but give us immense joy in that short period of time. Continue reading Celebrations

Focus on me

DailyPost Photo Challenge: Focus I tried to focus once on the cup and once on the jar of honey in front of it. I like the first one. I found out I have taken many such pictures. So I guess I fall in the ‘stickler for getting in close to your subjects and capturing every … Continue reading Focus on me