Numerous Reflections

DailyPost Photo Challenge: Prolific I guess at some point they should’ve said, “I think these many bulbs are enough.” So, this ice cream place had so many lights it was hard to count. But, the best thing was the effect it had on all the tables and mirrors allowing them to reflect on themselves. These … More Numerous Reflections

A Prolific Gardener

DailyPost Weekly Photo Challenge: Prolific My father loves gardening. He has a habit of changing his collection as much as he can. It happens all the time that he changes the arrangement, or falls for one particular plant and he has to have it. I am sharing some of the photos which I could find … More A Prolific Gardener


After seeing this prompt, ‘Favorite Place‘, I was going through the photos I have and was thinking why don’t I have a favourite place? So, I decided that I will choose one. A few days back I went to visit North East states of India. Going through the photos, I found a place which, when … More Tawang


DailyPost Photo Prompt Challenge: Transient I am posting these pictures from my last year’s Diwali celebrations. I love to click pictures of live firecrackers. They burn pretty fast but give us immense joy in that short period of time.